Token Information.

  • Total supply: 21,000,000

  • Decimals: 9 Launch Date: A few weeks after the Genesis Collection is sold out, or burned remaining supply. Blockchain: Solana

The $MVC will be our ingame-currency, used for any user-to-user transaction. Planet holders will be able to stake their Planets and earn $MVC. The coin will launch with a value of 1 $MVC = 0.1 SOL. We 100% lock the liquidity pool for 3 years. The MentaVerse Coin will be listed on many well known DEXes. It will reflect awesome and trending tokens on SOL, to all holders with 3 $MVC or above. The reward tokens will be voted by the community every 3 weeks. The Buy-Back wallet will be used, when the price has been dropping extremely, for more than 3 days in a row. The tokens that are "bought back", will be used for raffles, giveaways and community airdrops. The community can also vote, to burn the bought back tokens, if needed. Our long term plan, is to bridge the $MVC to MainnetZ, BRC-20, Polygon and BSC as well. TOKENOMICS: 8% transaction fee’s are charged for every BUY / SELL. We use these fee’s as following: – 4% back to liquidity pool – 2% to reflection wallet (used to reward SOL, $JUP, $WEN and other trending Solana tokens, to holders) – 2% to buyback wallet

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