🎮In-game Currency

For user to user transactions.

In the background we are also building our Mentaverse Game. It will be about building stuff and civilizations, on the planets and being interactive with other planets. Every planet will have their own advantages or resources, that other planets might need. And vice versa. Players will be able to build some items themselves, with the tools we'll provide on every planet. Other items can be bought from one of our own item collections. This will create the need for a marketplace, where players can buy/sell their self-built items or buy/sell other Mentaverse collection items. All this will be done in $MVC.

Additionally, we will release exclusive item collections that can only be minted using $MVC. All future collections will also offer the option to mint with $MVC Besides this, the holder can choose to use the planet as a piece of land, or rent it out to others, like musicians or artists for example. Players will be able to do their events in there (art galleries, rap concerts, dj parties, comedy shows, podcasts, X-spaces, etc etc). If they want to charge entrance money upfront, or sell their artworks in there, or whatever monetization they want to implement... it will all be done in $MVC. The game development will go hand in hand with the lore. Everytime a new (branch of the) story is completed, it will be implemented in the game. This will keep the game exciting and new. We aim to build, test, finish and launch this game, in approximately 1 year.

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