Who are we?

Mentaverse is a project about planets, time travelling and music.

For the long term, we are developing our own resource-type game, where all holders will be able to build their own civilisation on their planets and will have to travel to other planets to get their resources. Buying items, resources, space ships and time portals will be done with $MVC.

For the near future we have launched our Genesis Collection of 2059 planets, which have different traits, and there are also 11, unique partner planets, personally customized for our dear partners. Once we mint out or burn remaining supply, we'll launch the Planet Staking Vault, where all holders can stake their Planets and earn Solana or $MVC on a daily basis. We will launch (date will be announced) our own token the $MVC (MentaVerse Coin) which will be our in-game currency later on, but will have a real value/liquidity pool as well, so it will also be a fully tradable reflection token. The token will reflect many awesome and trending tokens on SOL.

We are 70% finished, developing a free phone-app game called Planet Pong. In the game we will run ads and the revenue will be used to ensure the self-sufficiency of the staking vault.

We are also building our own virtual music studio. Read more here: https://github.com/Anunnak80/Mentaverse-Music-Studio

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