🚀Public Launch

Token Generation Event.

We are currently exploring a few options and platforms to add the LP, set price and launch. For now we tend to go with this route: Creating a marketplace on Raydium and adding 100% of the presale funds to the LP. Aftrer this, we will add the tokens and set the price to 0.1 SOL per $MVC. When this is finalized, and double checked if everything is up and running, we will go and 100% lock the liquidity pool for 3 years. We chose to lock it only for 3 years, because we will have better farming techniques then and we want to be able to revise the token every 3 years. It is a 8% tax token as you can see. The tax goes to the community wallet. This is what will happen every 3 weeks, with that 8%. 50% of the amount in there, will be thrown back to the LP, or burned (the community will vote). 25% will be sent to the Buy Back Wallet and will just sit there until needed. Now from the remaining 25% we vote for a nice reward token, buy that token and then airdrop it accordingly, to all holders with 3 $MVC or more.

There will be an awesome Launch Party on X-Spaces and a lot of nice Token Burning Parties in our Discord. These reflections and burnings will create a lot of fun and passive income, with serious potentials.

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